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Are you looking to book in your next MOT? Christchurch motorists should look no further than DLH Cars and Commercials as we’re a reputable MOT testing station with an accredited history for providing excellent service. We cover a range of areas, from MOTs to servicing and repairs. And all our work is affordably priced and of the highest quality. Want to find out more? Then call us on 01202 827470.

The Place to Go for an MOT in Christchurch

While owning a vehicle brings with it the freedom to go where you choose, whenever you desire, it always bears certain responsibilities too. One responsibility is to ensure that your car is legally certified to be driven on the road. An MOT, Christchurch customers, is a safety check that ensures this is the case. It is a legal requirement, so if yours is due, make sure to call DLH Cars and Commercials.

If your vehicle is three years or older or is not old enough to be exempt, you’ll need to renew your MOT certificate once a year. Failure to do so will invalidate your insurance and road tax and make it illegal for your car to be on a public road. The only exception is if you’re driving your car to or from an MOT testing station. If you’re found to be driving your car illegally, you could face severe penalties. To ensure this doesn’t happen, make sure to contact our Christchurch MOT team today.

Book Your MOT, Christchurch Customers, Today with DLH Cars and Commercials

To ensure your vehicle complies with VOSA standards, mandatory safety checks must be carried out and a ‘Pass’ grade obtained. If a ‘Fail’ grade is obtained instead, repairs will need to be carried out to bring your vehicle up to the required standard. To avoid being without your car for extended periods or being caught with an out-of-date certificate, we advise scheduling your MOT in Christchurch a month before your current certificate’s expiry date.

As part of the MOT, Christchurch customers, we’ll put your car through all the necessary safety checks, inspecting areas, such as:

  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Emission Levels
  • Seatbelts (if these were originally installed)
  • Electrical Equipment

Should your vehicle fail to pass its MOT inspection, we’ll provide you with an instant quote for any repairs that need completing. You’re free to go elsewhere, carry out the repairs yourself, or leave your vehicle with us.

Our Christchurch MOT specialists have experience correcting a wide variety of problems. From the simplest repair to a complete vehicle overhaul, we have you covered no matter the circumstances. You can trust our mechanics to resolve the issue to your satisfaction. And with prices as reasonable as ours, you likely won’t consider going anywhere else.

Would you like to make enquiries concerning an MOT? Christchurch customers should give DLH Cars and Commercials a call today to arrange a time and date to book a vehicle in at our MOT testing station.

Why Choose Our Christchurch MOT Garage?

Here at DLH Cars and Commercials, there is no doubt that we are the number one garage for all vehicle-related services. When it comes time to book your MOT, Christchurch customers will find us to be most accommodating. We can inspect most vehicles, from light commercials and camper vans to cars and motorcycles. We can also prepare HGV vehicles or horseboxes for MOT tests, including completing the booking and presenting it to the Ministry for testing.

DLH Cars and Commercials is an established garage with a proud history of providing MOT inspections and other vehicle-related services. Our reputation is one we’ve spent many years building. With more than 30 years’ experience in the motoring industry, you can expect to be dealing with a team that knows their stuff. Stellar workmanship distinguishes us from other garages in the local area.

Suppose you’re still undecided as to where to go for your next MOT in Christchurch. Consider speaking with our highly skilled and professional team. Consider our affordable rates and our excellent track record, and we’re sure you’ll have no trouble making the right choice.

MOT Christchurch

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